Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gerudo island inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


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28 Tem 2021
One of the many possibilities that Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers us is to visit the islands of other players in a dream. Let's find out which island we are going to analyze this week!

In July 2020, the possibility of making dreams come true , that is to visit other players' islands at any time we want, was introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons , without bothering the owner. To do this it is necessary to lie down on a bed inside our virtual house, talk to the tapir
SoniaSonia and decide whether to upload the dream of our island, or visit another one.

This feature has allowed us to undertake a weekly column aimed at visiting some of those that in our opinion are the most beautiful islands in the game, in the hope of being able to thrill you as we are, and above all to inspire you.

The island that we will visit together this week, will wink at all those who love the saga of The Legend of Zelda : today we will see Gerudo , the island inspired by the homonymous desert present in Breath of the Wild !

Sophie , the author of Gerudo , has opted for an island that has a conformation with the mouths to the west and south, while the secret beach is located at the top right. From the little vegetation on the island it is possible to deduce that we are in autumn , on a sunny afternoon .

The inhabitants of the island are: DulcineaDulcinea ,AnnalisaAnnalisa ,TigriziaTigrizia ,PlinyPliny ,CocoCoco ,CleoCleo ,CristinaCristina ,CarmeloCarmelo and finally the little oneClementeClemente .

As soon as we wake up in Gerudo we will be literally catapulted into the Gerudo desert , the torrid expanse of sand in the southwest area of Hyrule. Sophie has very faithfully portrayed both the town and the desert itself, scattering around her map many references to the video game from which she drew inspiration.

The island is roughly divided into two main areas: the town and the desert , in fact. The first of these has the gate protected by the Gerudo warriors facing right at theAirportairport of the island. Following the walls it will even be possible torent a seal of the sands, just like in Breath of the Wild, made here with aMom's puppet (Lunicchia)mummy puppet (Lunicchia) ; the color of the latter reminds us ofPapizia, the fighting seal ofRijuand we can only adore this allusion!

Below we can also admire the town palace , where the author of Gerudo has placed a customized model to simulate Biulla , the bodyguard of Riju (the matriarch of the people). As we had already said, the attention to detail is very high!

Instead, outside the town, it is possible to find both the Gerudo desert and the Gerudo plateau . Dwelling in the desert, a very important and characteristic area of this is undoubtedly the Bazaar Arsur , a small oasis outside the town beyond which it is not possible for men to continue to enter the walls (closed to them): here we have a way buy some products of the region from the merchants, or enter the Bazaar emporium that Sophie has made admirably using the tent of theMuseummuseum .

Also worth mentioning is the source of the radiant fairy , also located in the Gerudo desert, made using many custom patterns, applied both to photo booths and to multiple units ofSimple partition (Copper, Simple panel)simple partition (Copper, Simple panel) . Sophie recreated it with such punctuality that one would expect to see a Radiant Fairy appear at any moment!

Let's also take a look at the whole part that touches the Gerudo plateau : among these mountains it is possible to explore and find many things, including Vah Naboris , the sacred colossus of these regions, but not only! Sophie also created the iconic place to find the complete statues of the Seven Paladines , rendered here with theWarrior Statue (Fake)warrior statue (Falso) , which is very reminiscent of the aforementioned statues, which share the same pose.

Another noteworthy place in Gerudo , in its "highlands" , is the den of the Yiga , a clan that is enemy of Link, Zelda and the Gerudo themselves. The author of the island was really good at recreating this place, even taking advantage of the house ofClementeClemente to simulate theclan'sbuilding, and making careful use ofcustom designswith which he not only made theuniformsof the enemies, but also thebananasthat invade the lair: the Yigas are in fact known to be fond ofbananas!