Character Rebirth System

The Notorious

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22 Haz 2020
What is the Rebirth System?

Level 83 characters that have achieved 100% experience points are eligible for rebirth.

How is my character reincarnated?

1. Visit [Tarot Reader] Mackin in Moradon Castle and he will provide the three necessary credentials.
2. When you have completed the 3 missions and provided all credentials, you will receive the Qualification of Rebirth.
3. Deliver the Qualification of Rebirth to [Tarot Reader] Mackin and reincarnation will occur after points are distributed.

The following credentials will need to be provided in order to complete the Rebirth process...

1st Credential. - Proof of Experience - Prove that you have the highest level of experience by showing you have 100% EXP at Level 83.
2nd Credential. - Proof of Goods - Prove your wealth by providing 100,000,000 Noah.
3rd Credential. - Proof of Fame - Prove your national contribution by providing 10,000 Points.

After the Rebirth process is complete the character's level 83 is kept, but EXP is initialized at 0%. The Rebirth symbol will appear above the character's name.