Clan Citadels have lost their usefulness one year ago


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20 Eki 2021
Clan Citadels have lost their usefulness one year ago. The point is that it's possible to OSRS Items grind them to create a more attractive building. The building itself isn't that efficient and does not do much. Although it does seem lucrative however, all that truly matters is the amount of xp you earn. However, it's not the primary reason for the building. The following features seem to be useless, according to my knowledge.

The Parliament room in the keep, along with most of the big rooms within the citadel. Sit at the edges, and you can't be able to hear the speaker. The crowd makes it hard to hear the speaker. Your clan shouldn't ever get in a game. It's worthwhile to be in prime space.

Clan avatars. It's hard work, but it could bring you a lot of advantages. The most effective increase is 6% = 4 minutes in an hour. Not much. battlefields. They are fantastic tech that was featured in gaming media. But, how many people actually use them? The majority of people go to Clan Wars and the Wilderness if they want to wage war. Battlefields can be too one-sided or strange.

In addition to the fact that aside from the xp gain the clan citadel will do nothing for you in runescape proper. The cape of the clan is decorated with three stars, while the vexillum is a source of fireworks. Is this really the end of it? Everyone in the clan doesn't visit your castle, unless you.

However, my clan doesn't strive to get to tier 7, despite us casually enjoying the xp. Sal's Realm official clan is. Clan citadels are the ones you love, why? Do you like them? Why not? I would love to Buy OSRS Fire Cape have an interesting discussion about Clan Citadel's update that was released more than 10 years ago.