Dear TheKnightOnline Users Update Notes :

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The Knight Online Staff
The Knight Online Staff
13 Nis 2015
Dear TheKnightOnline Users

Update Notes :

ISILION and FELANKOR Emblem Drop add.

Monster Stone Adding Drop.

Monster Stone Upgradeable chitins antidef drop added.

Leg Cutting and Mage 72 Skills Successrate %20.

+9 accessories bug's fixed.

Castle siege war gift wing fixed.

Bifrost Frament Drop rate fixed.

Old Bronze Bent Name Bug Fixed.

Monster Stone Drop's optimized. -60 Level Monsters %3 +60 level Monsters %6 drop rate.

Balog,Gagoil,Troll Shaman,Evil Wizard,Doom Soldier,Boroo , Dark Knight High Class Item Drop Added.(random)

MAgic Hammer Bug Fixed.

Bifrost Monsters "AC" reduced.

Felankor and Isiloon Adding %1 iron necklace,iron belt.

Snake Queen and Talos Addming %0.1 iron necklace,iron belt

Character seal scroll Using Failed error fixed.

Priest newbie accessory quest bug fixed.

Scroller was frustrated.

Enjoy Game !

TheKnightOnline Team !