Many victims have shared similar stories


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20 Eki 2021
"Most banks require about 5 business days maximum to NBA2king transfer, but Rack's bank is not like the others." Initially, participants whom we spoke with argued to have received the promised payments from Rack, but soon communications became quiet. Many of the victims claimed that they did not receive money at all from Rack. The scammers would make excuses or disregard victims when they tried to get in touch with Rack regarding their funds.

"We were supposed [to get the money, but it was never done. We waited almost one month, but he continued to make excuses that his PayPal was locked, etc to extend his time." another victim told P.TV.

A 20-year-old Australian claims he has lost $5,000 and filed a cybercrime complaint. He also provided screenshots of the conversation with Raangee to P.TV. The screenshots show Raangee persuading the victim to put down $5,000 and promising him a payout of $2,500. "Of course for anyone , it's frightening to make money available," Raangee says to the victim. "But I'm at the point that I'm at right now, and I understand first-timers' concerns."

"I know of around 20-30 victims," a fourth victim aged 20 years old, said on P.TV. "I'd conservatively estimate [Rack] has a debt of at least $300,000 (and that's only those cases I've been able to identify). A lot of my friends are victims." Many victims have also shared similar stories. They have all claimed that Rack was able to use his bank account and/or PayPal account to avoid making payments.

Although some people are speaking out while others are intimidated by scammers, who reportedly told them that they'd "get nothing" for speaking up. P.TV got a picture of Raangee giving the victim a copy of Buy MT 2K22 PS5 the conversation with Rack. Raangee says Rack will not compensate them for speaking out about the situation.