EA gave us a tour of an actual season of scouting in Franchise mode


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20 Eki 2021
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When the title update for October arrives, Player Scouting will deliver on many fan requests. EA presented the Madden 22's Scouting features at EA Play Live last summer. They talked about regional and national scouting options, detailed scouting reports, which include things like physicals for players attributes and ratings, mock drafts as well as a live the scouting board, which has been updated with projections.

Even though the delay was difficult to digest, EA provided a deeper exploration of Scouting and it certainly appears to be an improvement over the previous system. On the blog, EA gave us a tour of an actual season of scouting in Franchise mode.

Scouting starts in Week 1 in which you'll meet the current draft class for the first-time and be able to see the National Region of the Region Breakdown map to see who is in the draft class. You'll be able to identify the overall strengths and weaknesses of every draft class. This will enable you to alter your group's scouting activities (hire or fire Scouts, or re-assign them) in order to more closely match your initial analysis of the draft class.

If cornerbacks are an area of strength in cheap Madden 22 coins the Southeast choose the scout who's most familiar with cornerbacks , to get the most the benefits. Five of your scouts have your responsibility to improve them in order to locate draft-worthy gems.


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